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#5 - I'm in Your LJs, Flooding Your Lists With Rock - Sugar Virus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sugar Virus

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#5 - I'm in Your LJs, Flooding Your Lists With Rock [Apr. 19th, 2007|01:33 pm]
Sugar Virus
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

Usually I only do twenty songs per rotation, but last month’s was so huge and for this month’s rotation which is guys-oriented and predominantly jrock, I could hardly decide on what to feature. Hence why there are a lot of songs. Lengthier descriptions this time around too, mostly cause I'm so into this stuff that it's hard to not be descriptive. I stayed up most of last night working on this so YOU BETTER ENJOY IT. XD

X-Japan – Kurenai
  First off, shame on you if you haven’t heard of X-Japan till now! They’re only the mother of all visual kei bands, or at least a really huge influence. This predominantly-jrock rotation would be incomplete without an X-Japan song, or two. I adore this song. There’s a really long, amazing guitar solo featured on it too!

X-Japan Kurenai
  This is the English version. It starts out with the charming guitar sound that the original puts off until the orchestral piece ends. Just as good, though the guitar solo doesn’t shine as much as in the original.

Luna Sea – Gravity
  Luna Sea is SOOOOO GOOD in whatever they do. They hardly have any bad sounding songs to their name. This is the first song of their’s I heard, and the one that got me hooked on them. It’s potent and dreamy with great guitars, vocals, and it’s overall an easy and enjoyable listen. HIGHLY highly recommended! If you like this, you’ll love other Luna Sea songs!

L’arc en Ciel – Spirit Dreams Inside
  If you didn’t recognize Luna Sea or X-Japan you should at least recognize L’arc en Ciel. They’ve done openings for numerous anime. I’ve found with most people, even if they don’t like other jrock bands, they seem to like this one… This song is sort of … I’d call it sing-along-while-you’re-in-the-car type of song. It’s a really catchy, smooth song.

Kagrra – Shizuku
  What I like about Kagrra’s style is how they incorporate a very natural, homegrown, almost forgotten sound into their music that appears very clearly. This song, Shizuku, is a gorgeous, sweeping epic of a song.

D’espairsRay – Hai to Ame
  D’espairsRay… They just have a GOOD sound. Like Luna Sea, they have very few bad sounding songs to their name. They genuinely rock a good guitar, and I like that they incorporate orchestral themes into their music. Like this song, which features strings, piano, good guitars, good drums, good vocals. It’s one of my favorite Jrock songs to date.

Dir en Grey – Dead Tree
  This is to prove to everyone who thinks Dir en Grey is nothing but hardcore metal and noise that they are vastly wrong. This is the song that brought me back to Dir en Grey when my media library was severely lacking in Dir en Grey. Needless to say, I filled it with Dir en Grey after hearing this. This song is unpredictable and remains gorgeous despite its pain. Kyo does scream in this one, but for those who are new to Dir en Grey … Kyo’s screaming is LEGENDARY. Appreciate it.

FAKE? – All My Reasons
  Fake? Is a Jrock band that sounds like a british band. If you combined Jrock with the current indie new wave that’s big in Britain right now you’d get this. But that might be because the lead singer is half-Japanese, half-British. The rest of the band is Japanese. I really love them. Shame they don’t expand more. They have a universal sound that would transverse well to other countries. This song is dreamy, fast-paced rock.

LM.C. – Loud Mucker Complex
  JROCK FANS, I IMPLORE YOU – LISTEN TO THIS. If you’ve never heard LM.C. before and even if you’re not a Jrock fan, listen to this. I wouldn’t categorize them as oshare or visual kei. Their sound is *somewhat* westernized (like it might have been influenced by Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit) but they just sound so fucking good! And I swear after Kyo, every other Jrock band forgoed their voice and went for the high vibratos. Maya’s voice is distinct from all that. LM.C. is what Jrock is lacking these days – originality, uniqueness. Once in awhile a band comes along that’s completely different (Psycho Le Cemu, Polysics) and LM.C. is definitely one of them.

Girugamesh – Owari to Mirai
  This is a fast-paced song that continually gets more carnal and amazing as it goes on. Very stellar stuff from a (I think) underrated band. The lead vocals are impressive. He has his own, distinct voice that really lifts the music to a whole nother level.

Alice Nine. – Blue Planet
  This song just really makes me smile. It’s a nice little headbanger, really fun, and totally easy to get into. Alice Nine. is one of those bands I was skeptical about at first but they’ve shown me that they’re just getting better and better. A good band to get into if you want current stuff.

BUCK-TICK – Heroin
  Buck-Tick is just cool. Period. They rock so insanely hard. They’ve been around since the 1980s but their sound progresses forward rapidly. They have a really advanced sound. And even though it’s a progressing sound, it still retains its hard rock ingenuity. This song is heavy on the drums and other synthetic sounds.

  Most of Gazette’s music sounds nothing like this, haha, just to clarify. But this song, they tried something new that worked extremely well. The result is a fun, catchy, crazy song with high and low vocal parts, slower-paced parts, faster-paced parts, funk, rock, and with all these elements you’d think it’d be a jumbled mess. But it’s actually really cohesive and still sounds ROCK.

Glay – Kodou
  If Jrock fused with music in medieval times, you might walk away with something like this? Glay has so many amazing credits to their name, I’m not sure they even need an intro. Their songs are always so epic and wonderful. Kodou is no exception. This is their latest single. Strings and piano accompany guitar (which switches from acoustic to electric). A beautiful masterpiece.

Morikubo Shoutarou – Lazy Mind
  THIS SONG ROCKS SO HARD. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, Morikubo Shoutarou… Unless you know anime, you might not recognize him. He does the voice of Shikamaru in Naruto for instance and Kadaj in Advent Children. But who knew the guy could sing hella well and rock so fucking hard?? ALL his songs sound this good. It was hard narrowing it down, but Lazy Mind rules. A must-listen for Jrock fans! Enjoy it ya’ll!

Fuel – Last Time
  Fuel is very much like their name. They bring energy to their songs. This song you can’t help but get wrapped up in. It energizes me every time I hear it and I always find myself getting really into it. If you need an energy booster music-wise, this is it.

DC Talk – Supernatural
  I was exposed to a lot of religious music when I was younger. Of course people are going to have their disagreements with the lyrics, but for me personally, I can’t pass up good, solid music that sounds awesome to my ears. Unless you tune into the radio every now and then or listen to religious music yourself, you probably haven’t heard of DC Talk. With this track, I like how it alternates between whispering, heavy rock, and sharp bass lines. It keeps edging towards getting heavier and when it finally does, it’s mind-blowing.

Falling Up – Escalates
  THIS IS MY SECOND MOST PLAYED SONG ON MY PLAYLIST. … That oughta tell you something. It’s a startlingly poignant song and an absolute must listen. It’s not heavy rock at all, but something about it is gloriously addictive.

AFI – Love like Winter
  A friend sent me this song very recently, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since. It’s easy to get into and the guitars in the song with the implemented synthesizer fuses a really interesting, pleasant sound. …I love the synthesizer in this song actually. They make REALLY good use of it.

The Pink Spiders – Soft Smoke
  I just love this band. They brought back an old sound and revamped in a way that doesn’t make it sound tiring or disgraced. I put this song on when I’m in a good mood and I need something to pump me up and keep me in that mood, also when I’m bit by the Pink Spiders bug (if you listen to more of their stuff you’ll know exactly what I mean!).

Newsboys – Shine
  THE INTRO. Oh my God the intro… How fucking cool is that intro?! For me that intro completely took me into the song. Newsboys is a religious band, like DC Talk, but they have fun with their music and you can totally tell (listen for the line about the “vegetarian barbeque hamster”). I listened to this song a lot when I was younger. Came back to it recently and I’m listening to it just as much as I did then.

Butterfly Effect – Commercial
  Now for something completely different! This song is so caked up it’s awesome. It’s a fusion of funky, psychedelic techno (think Daft Punk) with rock, and the end result is this crazy cool sound that I *rarely* hear experimented with anymore.

Seo Taiji – Take Four
  This is the type of fun song I think a lot of people could get into. The rock is slightly on the funkier side of things but Seo Taiji is still very much a rocker type of guy (though he started out doing poppier dance stuff). The sound and style is different, sounds like something the late 90s would pop up. But like I said, it’s easy to get into because it’s fun and catchy.

Moon Hee Jun – Sure:side
  Can you believe this guy used to be in a boy band? He used to be in H.O.T. which was abso-freaking-lutely HUGE in Korea when they were together. They all have solo careers now. Moon was already a fan of Jrock so he went to rock route and people went angry nuts over it. But I find his music very unified. It’s a unification of amazing vocals plus catchy rock. This song is actually pretty slow, but it SOUNDS utterly fucking fantastic.

TRAX – Paradise
  This rock band has elements that are clearly 80s-influenced interwined with a sound that is very modern and westernized. Rapping, noise, harmonious singing, and a good grip on how to control their instruments, the TRAX are a band that I hope continue to churn out awesome music cause they’re pretty much achieved that with every song they’ve put out.

Muse – Hysteria
  Why is Muse so cool? Movies like the Matrix should just hire people like Muse to write music for them all day long. They make music sound badass, interesting, and when they come on the radio I automatically know it’s them. Many have tried to emulate Muse’s sound, but in the end, Muse is Muse, and there’s only one of them. Enjoy this kick ass song.

Bush – Little Things
  I may have to do a rotation in the future dedicated entirely to grundge. So many good songs came out of it, like this one, which has a catchy chorus and like most grundge songs starts out small but ends big. You can really rock out to this one.

Clash – Clashing
  DAMN. I wish I had more music from this band. Some elements of their sound reflect visual kei, others reflect western music, and overall they just sound so fucking fantastic that I’m shocked that such a crazy awesome band has flown under the radar for so long. At times they do emulate Linkin Park, but they really do have their own unique sound and it’s NOT the same as Linkin Park’s.

Silverchair – Anthem for the Year 2000
  I used to be SO obsessed with this band when I was 14. Neon Ballroom, that album, and Ana’s Song and Daniel Johns got me really hooked bad. At the time Ana’s Song was my favorite, but Anthem has grown on me. It’s so grueling and lustful, very thought-provoking music. A choir joins in at the end of this song too. Choirs and rock mix pretty well actually.


Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home
  Honestly this song rocks so ridiculously hard that it’s difficult for me to imagine a rock fan who doesn’t have this song on their playlist. But I know there are. The guitar is really the winner in this song, but not without help from the emotional, wrenching vocals, the added strings, acoustic, and various other components that make up this amazing song. Obviously this was a song heavily influenced by sounds of the early 80s. They don’t make em like they used to, but this band did, and did it well.

PVs that rock

The Pillows – Scarecrow
The Pillows latest. This video plays like a macabre, twisted version of a Mother Goose tale with stenciled characters. It's decked in dark shadows with very little light, even on the band members themselves. As a video I found the whole concept really interesting. The song is great too, but it's not as twisted or dark as the video itself. Somehow the music and video blend together very harmoniously.

The TRAX – Paradox
This is most Trax fans' favorite music video of their's. The song rocks. The location is so choice for this type of song. The energy is so vibrant, loud and clear. The whole video gets really in your face and you can't help but feel warped into it, not to mention all the spiffy camera angles. There was no way I could NOT feature this video on a rock themed rotation.

An Café – Escapism
An Cafe always has such fun, high-energy, entertaining videos. I like bands that have fun with their videos, but don't completely overkill on it. In this video Miku is kind of playing the emo kid, and the other members are trying to help him get out. They send feathers down to him, candy, porn. It's really cute!

So that's it for this rotation! Let me know what you liked! And send some reccomendations my way. I love getting reccomendations.

[User Picture]From: bloodysakura
2007-04-20 07:40 pm (UTC)
I took most of the Japanese songs, thanks for sharing! ^_^
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