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The Best Dance Songs You HAVEN'T Heard [Jul. 18th, 2008|12:17 am]
Sugar Virus
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Paul Oakenfold feat Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat (ALSO A GOOD SONG!)]

It's summer, no doubt. Of the seasons, summer definitely holds the crown for dance season. If you're not dancing you're in the wrong season friend.

Kylie Minogue - King or Queen
  • Made for dancing, totally time to shake. Kylie Minogue speaks truth in these lyrics! This song is so unapologetically catchy. It makes you want to groove right out of your chair and turn the carpet into a disco dance floor.

    DOUBLE feat Namie Amuro - Black Diamond
  • I swear, I swear, I swear, if this song hit national radio it would become an instant dance hit. Why? Dancers don't care about lyrics, just as long as it sounds born for the clubs which Black Diamond does in all its femme fetale glory.

    Kuroki Meisa - Like This
  • Yes, it sounds very Namie Amuro, but this is so deliciously danceable that I really could care less. I play this track on repeat because it exhibits so much SASS.

    capsule - FLASHBACK
  • This song deserves a home at the clubs! It's begging to be played at raves! And all the ultimate dance parties (that can call themselves by that title) deserve an appearance by this song!

    Nexus - Next
  • WARNING! WARNING! Badass techno track that desires raving. I see glowsticks.
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    The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass [Jun. 15th, 2008|12:04 pm]
    Sugar Virus
    [Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
    [Current Music |Emilie Autumn - Misery Loves Company]

    The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass EP

    Looking Glass EP is what you get when you mix tommy february6 and OLIVIA together. Industrial that sounds deeelicious.

    Chibi is the vocalist of The Birthday Massacre and she has been blessed with an absolutely GORGEOUS voice. She has the ability to mold her voice to the tone of the song very well. For instance, in Red Stars (Lukewarm Lovers Mix) she sounds perfectly angelic. In the title track, Looking Glass, she sounds like an innocent girl scorned.

    The music has that synthesized, new wave, retro 80's sound thats been butchered in industrial music so often. Fortunately rather than butchering it, they've upgraded it. In the Red Stars (Lukewarm Lovers Mix) you could feel you're journeying off to the star-speckled heavens, but in Red Stars (Space Lab Mix) you could feel like you're entering a twisted nightmare version of that journey. Despite the dark nature of the songs (these are NOT happy snowman songs!) they still maintain a sort of loveableness, and even the cover of Tiffany's I Think We're Alone Now is very cute.

    The Birthday Massacre wouldn't be featured on Sugar Virus if I didn't find something in it that separates it from the masses. They're too cybernetic to be classified as ambient. They're too ambient to be classified as industrial. They're too industrial to be classified as new wave. ... Let me put it this way: They're too poppy to be played in Hot Topic but too dark to be played in Forever21. XD Weekend (NYC77 Mix) is a good example of this.

    I kind of think of The Birthday Massacre as a black-frosted cake with strawberries on the inside, or a pink-frosted cake with blood on the inside. You pick.


    1. Looking Glass
    2. Falling Down (Crawling Impulse Mix)
    3. Shiver
    4. Red Stars (Lukewarm Lovers Mix)
    5. Nowhere (Instrumental)
    6. Red Stars (Space Lab Mix)
    7. Weekend (NYC77 Mix)
    8. I Think We're Alone Now

    Download The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass EP
    Megaupload / Mediafire
    Buy The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass EP

    The music video - Looking Glass

    Very unique, if not slightly disturbing, video. I kind of want it to continue in a series or something, creepy masks and all. If you read the youtube comments, some extras responded with some behind-the-scenes info on the vid.

    Download The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass (PV - MOV Format)
    Megaupload / Mediafire
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    LM.C - 88 [Jun. 10th, 2008|11:33 pm]
    Sugar Virus
    [Current Mood |accomplished]
    [Current Music |LM.C - 88]

    You may have noticed some blankies in the older entries! Those will be fixed! In the meantime, NO, Sugar Virus is not dead. Keep up with me, because the next album upload will be something quite extraordinary. Do the words Birthday Massacre ring a bell? :)

    LM.C - 88

    Regular Edition / DVD Edition

    Even the agents of rowdy rollercoaster songs, LM.C, can make touching songs too. If the effect of shooting up into the air above the Earth with happy thoughts running through your head was flitered into a song, 88 would be that song. I'm always impressed when a band can transmit a message loud and clear without the aid of English lyrics, as in the case of 88, translations not required to get the overall feel of the song. The music strongly emphasizes a positive feeling of going the distance and rising above obstacles. Whatever emotion this song envokes in you, I'm sure it will be a positive one that will uplift your spirits. The emotional stirring of the violins and Maya's spirited vocals make a powerful impact.

    ...With Vampire, is a complete contrast to 88. It brings back the warped, genre-bending fun that has become the staple of LM.C's music. It has somewhat of a latin flavor. Not sure if thats intentional or not, but the brassy beats kind of help that latin flare pick up. Maya's trying to tell us something with his mysterious tone but during the chorus he heats it up with the rest of the instrumental section (which is VERY broad - guitars, synthesizers, trumpets, more synthesizers, keytar, xylophone). Spiffy!!


    1. 88
    2. ...With Vampire

    Download LM.C - 88
    Megaupload / Mediafire
    Buy LM.C - 88

    The music video

    While not as caked up on pixie sticks as John, 88 is a very sweet video. Like most of LM.C's videos, you can expect an explosion of color around every corner. OK, the main reason to view this video is Maya's hair. I can't help but see Bill from Tokio Hotel? But Maya's hair is WAY crazier, like it's going to eat the room.

    Download LM.C - 88 (PV - AVI Format)
    Megaupload / Mediafire
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    LM.C - John (Single) [Feb. 21st, 2008|09:21 pm]
    Sugar Virus
    [Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
    [Current Music |LM.C - John]

    LM.C - John

    Regular Edition / DVD Edition

    LM.C's new single, John is on par to be the next guilty pleasure The song plays out like a rainbow-filled anthem to giddiness. You can rock out to it, dance to it, run around in circles to it. It is unabashedly bubbly rock, but it's so damn irresistable you can't help but fall in love with it! Those unfamiliar with jrock (or scared into thinking jrock is all hardcore yelling) will be drawn to its catchy guitar riffs. Jrock haters will try to find every reason in the book to hate it but end up listening to it anyways. LM.C haters will be drawn to its dorky loveableness (but insist that they hate it). LM.C lovers will love it. My verdict? It's got spunk, and spunk goes a long way.

    The second song Tiny Circus is cute too but progressively slower than John. It has a quirky electro undertone to it and maintains the single's bubbly marching band sound. LM.C tends to mix up strange recipes with sound that end up working well. In this song they add in a choir, and like all their previous random sound mix-ups, it tailors to the song pretty well!

    1. John
    2. Tiny Circus

    Download LM.C - John
    Megaupload / Mediafire
    Buy LM.C - John

    The music video

    Oh my God. The music video! What were they ON when they made this? I want some of it!! It's like Lite Brite, if Lite Brite was a video game with a creepy dancing bunny that looks like Frank from Donnie Darko. This music video is like an ODE TO AWESOMENESS.

    Download LM.C - John (PV - AVI Format)
    Megaupload / Mediafire
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    Back with a VENGEANCE! [Jan. 30th, 2008|08:34 pm]
    Sugar Virus
    [Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
    [Current Music |The Slants - Welcome to Doomtown]

    I'm well aware that I haven't updated since May of last year! One of the main de-motivators for me was the rotational set-up. It was rather difficult to piece together and to maintain a rotation every month. So basically, I'm reviving Sugar Virus but doing away with the old system! No more rotations. I'm going to shift focus to individual albums and artist exposure.

    Those of you who stayed with me: Thanks! You won't regret it! Here's some music!

    The Slants

    I found out about The Slants last November prepping to interview them at PMX. They turned out to be surprisingly well put together: catchy melodies, awesome fusion of electronic and rock, solid vocals. Lately I've been listening to them a lot, and it has occurred to me that there may be people who aren't familiar with them. The brand of music is Chinatown Dance Rock - take that as you will, but it's edgy and (WARNING) infectious to the ear.

    Capture Me Burning will have you hooked immediately, I assure you! It's very danceable and very catchy. You'll have fun blasting this one in your car with your retro-loving friends! Love Within My Sins is a groovy number with a fascinating synth track and undertones of Joy Division leaking through. If you miss the electro-pop sound of the early 80s, you might find some solace in this track. Beautifully composed, Kokoro (I Fall To Pieces) is a hypnotic track that experiments with brassy bass beats. The vibe is slick and the sound incorporates a glittery stylishness.

    Ok, that's all! Give it a listen. I guarantee if you liked those tracks you'll adore the CD. I didn't even upload my favorites (Sakura Sakura and We Will Never Die) so there's definitely more to be heard.

    1. Sakura Sakura
    2. Capture Me Burning
    3. We Will Never Die
    4. Stranglehold
    5. Haruki Murakami
    6. Love Within My Sins
    7. Jin-Do
    8. I Want Everything
    9. Kokoro (I Fall To Pieces)
    10. Welcome to Doomtown
    11. Vice Versus Virtue

    Buy the CD: (Because I KNOW you're salivating for more!!)
    Pacification Records

    The Slants Official Website
    The Slants Myspace - Check for tourdates!
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    #6 - Surviving Long Distances: Round One – Oldies (50s, 60s, 70s) [May. 16th, 2007|09:13 pm]
    Sugar Virus
    [Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
    [Current Music |Miss Angie - Lets Get Together]

    Summer is approaching, and a lot of us are out of school already! A lot of us are going to be traveling, and you know what that means… Long hours stuck inside four-wheeled objects, planes, trains, whatever. So to counter the possible boredom, I propose to you survival music! I’ve been on a huge oldies kick lately, so round one will focus on just that! A mix of mo-town, rock n’roll, and hippie classics that will wake you up on those long road trips, plus bonus songs (read those descriptions!)! I don’t know many oldies outside of the US admittedly, so no flags this time.

    Marvin Gaye – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
      Doesn’t this song put a good feeling inside of you? This is the classic, grab-whatever’s-near-you-and-sing-into-it song.

    Jackson 5 – ABC
      SO CUTE AND FUNKY. It’s a pretty addictive sing-alonger.

    The Carpenters – Close To You
      It’s a very mellow lullaby with some super 70s sounds that I haven’t heard experimented with in ages (I’m not that old though haha), and I love Karen Carpenter’s vocals. Its so soothing. The movie MirrorMask featured a very eerie, interesting cover of this song by Josefine Cronholm. Check it out.

    Martha and the Vandellas - Heat Wave
      I love this mo-town hit. Songs like this really make me miss the style of one lead singer + backup singers.

    The Beach Boys – I Get Around
      Gotta love The Beach Boys. They really know how to liven up a dull mood.

    The Beatles – Twist and Shout
      You all have NO idea how hard it was to suppress the urge to fill this rotation with nothing but The Beatles. This song is a must-have for any car stereo.

    The Monkees – I’m A Believer
      Classic 60s goodness. The Smash Mouth version of this song is good too! I’ve upped that just for fun. You can grab it here.

    Dee Dee Sharp – Mashed Potato Time
      The only thing that nearly brings back that dance-named-after-a-food theme is Tootsie Roll. But nothing comes as close to the 50s swankiness that is Mashed Potato Time!

    Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons – Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
      Starts out slow and sweet, but ends with a big bang! Careful of sing along tendencies! I've also upped a fabulously sweet cover done by Tommy February6!

    The Archies – Sugar, Sugar
      This song is so cheesy with its hippy, sugar-coated 70s sound, yet so groovy!

    James Brown – I Feel Good

    Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell
      You may have heard this song before Pulp Fiction, or after, but either way, this song is fun and easy to get into and you’ll probably find yourself dancing to it sooner or later.

    Frank Sinatra – Luck Be A Lady
      How can anyone not dig Frank Sinatra? This is a pretty jazzy big band song.

    The Four Tops – Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
      The Four Tops have such great songs! You should listen to them all! This one is zesty and has more of the authentic sound of its time I look for in oldies!

    The Chordettes - Lollipop
      This is SUCH a ridiculously cute song. Makes me long for one of those huge rainbow suckers!

    Dionne Warwick – What The World Needs Now Is Love
      This is the type of song you just sit back and listen to placidly while watching the scenery pass by the window.

    Elvis Presley – Hound Dog
      I love the drum solo breaks in this song! And it’s Elvis, I mean c’mon, a playlist that’s missing an Elvis Presley song just isn’t a playlist.

    Little Richard – Tutti Fruitti
      This song is addictive, crazy and fun. Just like Elvis had great drum solos, this song uses great scat that breaks down the verses!

    The Isley Brothers – Shout
      I don’t care WHO you are or what genre you listen to, if you’re missing this song from your CD / mp3 collection… you’ve been missing out. I hold to this day that no other song has put people in such an enthusiastic mood as this song has.

    GospeRats – Hurricane
      This is not only a recent song, but the group is Japanese! Their style of music is 50s bebop, and they even dress and apply make-up to themselves to give them the appearance of a 50s band. I picked this song because it’s likely none of you have it or have even heard it. GospeRats is pretty rare on the j-music circuit.

    PVs with an Oldies twist!

    Christina Aguilera – Candyman
    I really like the effort put in to make this video seem as 50s nostalgic as possible. Good choreography, effects, and timing! Plus the song is bubblelicious and Christina's vocals are dazzling. I think Christina Aguilera channels the 50s element very well. It’s believeable.

    Miyavi – Gigpig Boogie
    Miyavi channeling his inner 50s rock n’roll bad boy! He does have a fondness for oldies after all. This video is pretty funny and caked up with Miyavi’s usual wicked crazy style (the other band members with paper bags on their heads?! WTF? XD).

    Marilyn Monroe – Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (Film Clip)
    This is my favorite musical sequence of all time! It’s from the 1956 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, featuring Marilyn Monroe in her infamous “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” Her singing is top-notch and it’s clear from her presentation she was BORN for stardom. Not to mention this number is SO well timed and choreographed!!

    As always it's not required that you comment with what you take, but I DO like to know what people thought of the rotation! That's always good to know! Please spread the Sugar Virus love around!
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    #5 - I'm in Your LJs, Flooding Your Lists With Rock [Apr. 19th, 2007|01:33 pm]
    Sugar Virus
    [Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

    Usually I only do twenty songs per rotation, but last month’s was so huge and for this month’s rotation which is guys-oriented and predominantly jrock, I could hardly decide on what to feature. Hence why there are a lot of songs. Lengthier descriptions this time around too, mostly cause I'm so into this stuff that it's hard to not be descriptive. I stayed up most of last night working on this so YOU BETTER ENJOY IT. XD

    X-Japan – Kurenai
      First off, shame on you if you haven’t heard of X-Japan till now! They’re only the mother of all visual kei bands, or at least a really huge influence. This predominantly-jrock rotation would be incomplete without an X-Japan song, or two. I adore this song. There’s a really long, amazing guitar solo featured on it too!

    X-Japan Kurenai
      This is the English version. It starts out with the charming guitar sound that the original puts off until the orchestral piece ends. Just as good, though the guitar solo doesn’t shine as much as in the original.

    Luna Sea – Gravity
      Luna Sea is SOOOOO GOOD in whatever they do. They hardly have any bad sounding songs to their name. This is the first song of their’s I heard, and the one that got me hooked on them. It’s potent and dreamy with great guitars, vocals, and it’s overall an easy and enjoyable listen. HIGHLY highly recommended! If you like this, you’ll love other Luna Sea songs!

    L’arc en Ciel – Spirit Dreams Inside
      If you didn’t recognize Luna Sea or X-Japan you should at least recognize L’arc en Ciel. They’ve done openings for numerous anime. I’ve found with most people, even if they don’t like other jrock bands, they seem to like this one… This song is sort of … I’d call it sing-along-while-you’re-in-the-car type of song. It’s a really catchy, smooth song.

    Kagrra – Shizuku
      What I like about Kagrra’s style is how they incorporate a very natural, homegrown, almost forgotten sound into their music that appears very clearly. This song, Shizuku, is a gorgeous, sweeping epic of a song.

    D’espairsRay – Hai to Ame
      D’espairsRay… They just have a GOOD sound. Like Luna Sea, they have very few bad sounding songs to their name. They genuinely rock a good guitar, and I like that they incorporate orchestral themes into their music. Like this song, which features strings, piano, good guitars, good drums, good vocals. It’s one of my favorite Jrock songs to date.

    Dir en Grey – Dead Tree
      This is to prove to everyone who thinks Dir en Grey is nothing but hardcore metal and noise that they are vastly wrong. This is the song that brought me back to Dir en Grey when my media library was severely lacking in Dir en Grey. Needless to say, I filled it with Dir en Grey after hearing this. This song is unpredictable and remains gorgeous despite its pain. Kyo does scream in this one, but for those who are new to Dir en Grey … Kyo’s screaming is LEGENDARY. Appreciate it.

    FAKE? – All My Reasons
      Fake? Is a Jrock band that sounds like a british band. If you combined Jrock with the current indie new wave that’s big in Britain right now you’d get this. But that might be because the lead singer is half-Japanese, half-British. The rest of the band is Japanese. I really love them. Shame they don’t expand more. They have a universal sound that would transverse well to other countries. This song is dreamy, fast-paced rock.

    LM.C. – Loud Mucker Complex
      JROCK FANS, I IMPLORE YOU – LISTEN TO THIS. If you’ve never heard LM.C. before and even if you’re not a Jrock fan, listen to this. I wouldn’t categorize them as oshare or visual kei. Their sound is *somewhat* westernized (like it might have been influenced by Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit) but they just sound so fucking good! And I swear after Kyo, every other Jrock band forgoed their voice and went for the high vibratos. Maya’s voice is distinct from all that. LM.C. is what Jrock is lacking these days – originality, uniqueness. Once in awhile a band comes along that’s completely different (Psycho Le Cemu, Polysics) and LM.C. is definitely one of them.

    Girugamesh – Owari to Mirai
      This is a fast-paced song that continually gets more carnal and amazing as it goes on. Very stellar stuff from a (I think) underrated band. The lead vocals are impressive. He has his own, distinct voice that really lifts the music to a whole nother level.

    Alice Nine. – Blue Planet
      This song just really makes me smile. It’s a nice little headbanger, really fun, and totally easy to get into. Alice Nine. is one of those bands I was skeptical about at first but they’ve shown me that they’re just getting better and better. A good band to get into if you want current stuff.

    BUCK-TICK – Heroin
      Buck-Tick is just cool. Period. They rock so insanely hard. They’ve been around since the 1980s but their sound progresses forward rapidly. They have a really advanced sound. And even though it’s a progressing sound, it still retains its hard rock ingenuity. This song is heavy on the drums and other synthetic sounds.

    Gazette – SILLY GOD DISCO
      Most of Gazette’s music sounds nothing like this, haha, just to clarify. But this song, they tried something new that worked extremely well. The result is a fun, catchy, crazy song with high and low vocal parts, slower-paced parts, faster-paced parts, funk, rock, and with all these elements you’d think it’d be a jumbled mess. But it’s actually really cohesive and still sounds ROCK.

    Glay – Kodou
      If Jrock fused with music in medieval times, you might walk away with something like this? Glay has so many amazing credits to their name, I’m not sure they even need an intro. Their songs are always so epic and wonderful. Kodou is no exception. This is their latest single. Strings and piano accompany guitar (which switches from acoustic to electric). A beautiful masterpiece.

    Morikubo Shoutarou – Lazy Mind
      THIS SONG ROCKS SO HARD. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, Morikubo Shoutarou… Unless you know anime, you might not recognize him. He does the voice of Shikamaru in Naruto for instance and Kadaj in Advent Children. But who knew the guy could sing hella well and rock so fucking hard?? ALL his songs sound this good. It was hard narrowing it down, but Lazy Mind rules. A must-listen for Jrock fans! Enjoy it ya’ll!

    Fuel – Last Time
      Fuel is very much like their name. They bring energy to their songs. This song you can’t help but get wrapped up in. It energizes me every time I hear it and I always find myself getting really into it. If you need an energy booster music-wise, this is it.

    DC Talk – Supernatural
      I was exposed to a lot of religious music when I was younger. Of course people are going to have their disagreements with the lyrics, but for me personally, I can’t pass up good, solid music that sounds awesome to my ears. Unless you tune into the radio every now and then or listen to religious music yourself, you probably haven’t heard of DC Talk. With this track, I like how it alternates between whispering, heavy rock, and sharp bass lines. It keeps edging towards getting heavier and when it finally does, it’s mind-blowing.

    Falling Up – Escalates
      THIS IS MY SECOND MOST PLAYED SONG ON MY PLAYLIST. … That oughta tell you something. It’s a startlingly poignant song and an absolute must listen. It’s not heavy rock at all, but something about it is gloriously addictive.

    AFI – Love like Winter
      A friend sent me this song very recently, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since. It’s easy to get into and the guitars in the song with the implemented synthesizer fuses a really interesting, pleasant sound. …I love the synthesizer in this song actually. They make REALLY good use of it.

    The Pink Spiders – Soft Smoke
      I just love this band. They brought back an old sound and revamped in a way that doesn’t make it sound tiring or disgraced. I put this song on when I’m in a good mood and I need something to pump me up and keep me in that mood, also when I’m bit by the Pink Spiders bug (if you listen to more of their stuff you’ll know exactly what I mean!).

    Newsboys – Shine
      THE INTRO. Oh my God the intro… How fucking cool is that intro?! For me that intro completely took me into the song. Newsboys is a religious band, like DC Talk, but they have fun with their music and you can totally tell (listen for the line about the “vegetarian barbeque hamster”). I listened to this song a lot when I was younger. Came back to it recently and I’m listening to it just as much as I did then.

    Butterfly Effect – Commercial
      Now for something completely different! This song is so caked up it’s awesome. It’s a fusion of funky, psychedelic techno (think Daft Punk) with rock, and the end result is this crazy cool sound that I *rarely* hear experimented with anymore.

    Seo Taiji – Take Four
      This is the type of fun song I think a lot of people could get into. The rock is slightly on the funkier side of things but Seo Taiji is still very much a rocker type of guy (though he started out doing poppier dance stuff). The sound and style is different, sounds like something the late 90s would pop up. But like I said, it’s easy to get into because it’s fun and catchy.

    Moon Hee Jun – Sure:side
      Can you believe this guy used to be in a boy band? He used to be in H.O.T. which was abso-freaking-lutely HUGE in Korea when they were together. They all have solo careers now. Moon was already a fan of Jrock so he went to rock route and people went angry nuts over it. But I find his music very unified. It’s a unification of amazing vocals plus catchy rock. This song is actually pretty slow, but it SOUNDS utterly fucking fantastic.

    TRAX – Paradise
      This rock band has elements that are clearly 80s-influenced interwined with a sound that is very modern and westernized. Rapping, noise, harmonious singing, and a good grip on how to control their instruments, the TRAX are a band that I hope continue to churn out awesome music cause they’re pretty much achieved that with every song they’ve put out.

    Muse – Hysteria
      Why is Muse so cool? Movies like the Matrix should just hire people like Muse to write music for them all day long. They make music sound badass, interesting, and when they come on the radio I automatically know it’s them. Many have tried to emulate Muse’s sound, but in the end, Muse is Muse, and there’s only one of them. Enjoy this kick ass song.

    Bush – Little Things
      I may have to do a rotation in the future dedicated entirely to grundge. So many good songs came out of it, like this one, which has a catchy chorus and like most grundge songs starts out small but ends big. You can really rock out to this one.

    Clash – Clashing
      DAMN. I wish I had more music from this band. Some elements of their sound reflect visual kei, others reflect western music, and overall they just sound so fucking fantastic that I’m shocked that such a crazy awesome band has flown under the radar for so long. At times they do emulate Linkin Park, but they really do have their own unique sound and it’s NOT the same as Linkin Park’s.

    Silverchair – Anthem for the Year 2000
      I used to be SO obsessed with this band when I was 14. Neon Ballroom, that album, and Ana’s Song and Daniel Johns got me really hooked bad. At the time Ana’s Song was my favorite, but Anthem has grown on me. It’s so grueling and lustful, very thought-provoking music. A choir joins in at the end of this song too. Choirs and rock mix pretty well actually.


    Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home
      Honestly this song rocks so ridiculously hard that it’s difficult for me to imagine a rock fan who doesn’t have this song on their playlist. But I know there are. The guitar is really the winner in this song, but not without help from the emotional, wrenching vocals, the added strings, acoustic, and various other components that make up this amazing song. Obviously this was a song heavily influenced by sounds of the early 80s. They don’t make em like they used to, but this band did, and did it well.

    PVs that rock

    The Pillows – Scarecrow
    The Pillows latest. This video plays like a macabre, twisted version of a Mother Goose tale with stenciled characters. It's decked in dark shadows with very little light, even on the band members themselves. As a video I found the whole concept really interesting. The song is great too, but it's not as twisted or dark as the video itself. Somehow the music and video blend together very harmoniously.

    The TRAX – Paradox
    This is most Trax fans' favorite music video of their's. The song rocks. The location is so choice for this type of song. The energy is so vibrant, loud and clear. The whole video gets really in your face and you can't help but feel warped into it, not to mention all the spiffy camera angles. There was no way I could NOT feature this video on a rock themed rotation.

    An Café – Escapism
    An Cafe always has such fun, high-energy, entertaining videos. I like bands that have fun with their videos, but don't completely overkill on it. In this video Miku is kind of playing the emo kid, and the other members are trying to help him get out. They send feathers down to him, candy, porn. It's really cute!

    So that's it for this rotation! Let me know what you liked! And send some reccomendations my way. I love getting reccomendations.
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    #4 - Welcome to the Dangerzone [Mar. 17th, 2007|12:50 pm]
    Sugar Virus
    [Current Mood |awake]
    [Current Music |Vanilla Ninja - Dangerzone]

    This month's rotation I decided to do things a little different. This rotation features the music from NANA the movie, as well as NANA the anime. I've been listening to Anna Tsuchiya inspi NANA and OLIVIA inspi REIRA nonstop, so if someone out there doesn't have these albums -- you need them. But just NANA by itself would be too picky, so I decided to make this entire rotation focus on girls who, like NANA, just plain rock.


    NANA starring Mika Nakashima - The End
      It's a very strong album all together, though I've never thought of Mika as a NANA. Even still, this collective of songs is fantastic.

      Yuna Ito is SO, so, so, so good. This song is GORGEOUS, and her vocals are AMAZING.

      If the first song didn't convince you that Yuna Ito is awesome, her second single as Reira, Truth, will.

    OLIVIA inspi REIRA
      I actually prefer OLIVIA for Reira rather than Yuna, simply because her sound is closer to a rock band. This album is simply a godsend. Every single track is worth listening to. There aren't many albums I can listen to over and over and not get tired of, but this is one of them.

    Anna Tsuchiya inspi NANA
      I also prefer Anna Tsuchiya for NANA rather than Mika, because Anna Tsuchiya has long since been experimenting with rock sounds even before she was picked up to do songs for NANA, so she has a natural talent for it. This cd is, like Olivia's REIRA cd, a godsend. I can listen to it over and over and never stop.

    YUI - CHE.R.RY
      Yui's newest single. It's the PERFECT song for spring.

    Yum!Yum!Orange - Orange Wagon
      Fun, bubbly ska sound, very sing along songish! I miss ska, so I'm glad Yum!Yum!Orange exists.

    Danger*Gang - Feathers of Sorrow
      A FEMALE visual kei band! They have a WONDERFUL sound, captivated by startlingly perfect vocals. Her voice suits this type of music perfectly.

    GO!GO!7188 - Ameagari, Asphalt, Atarashii Kutsu De
      What a title. This reminds me of sunny, California beach rock, and I love the vocals on this track.

    Honey Bee - No Rock No Life
      Fast paced, fun sounding song that's easy to rock out to!

    Shonen Knife - Banana Chips
      Don't blame me if you start singing along to it.

    Tommy heavenly6 - Heavy Starry Chain

      Nuff said.

    The Holograms - Are You Ready For It
      SUPER fun, fast-paced, sugar energized track I can't help but love!!

    MOXY - Sugar
      The first of two songs titled Sugar (there's a reason I named this mp3 rotation Sugar Virus!). 60s rockabily style, very mellow and hip.

    Plumb - Stranded
      I didn't want to feature ONLY fast-paced songs so here is a nice, mid-paced song with sweeping vocals and guitar (from a VERY underrated band). It's very pretty and easy to get into.

    Miss Angie - Lift My Eyes Up
      Consider yourself very lucky to have this. Because I guarantee you won't find it ANYwhere else. Miss Angie cds are REALLY rare. The last cd she released was Triumphantine in 1999. I'll eventually upload her two albums because they're PHENOMONAL and this song is stardusty, 60s, rock n' roll at its finest.

    Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls
      I just LOVE Veruca Salt. They have such force behind their songs, ESPECIALLY in this one! It's chock full of rock energy!

    theSTART - Gorgeous
      Has addictive qualities and a glittery, trashy type sound (that's a good thing! A VERY good thing! :D).

    Stretch Princess - Sugar
      The type of song that makes me wanna get up and do something!

    The Pipettes - School Uniform
      VERY different, refreshing sound that goes back to the 50s with a slight modern twist.

    The Veronicas - 4Ever
      Besides the sound, I love the lyrics of this song! It describes perfectly how I feel towards the guy I like right now!

    Vanilla Ninja - Dangerzone
      The sound is incredibly cool, kind of rock with a little bit of 80s synth in the background, and Vanilla Ninja sounds awesome as always.

    Ranetki Girls - Ona Odna
      The sound is simple with great guitars and I just LOVE the way the russian language sounds don't you?

    Crucified Barbara - In Distortion We Trust
      If you like hard rock reminscent of early 90s, late 80s rock, then you'll like this track!

    The Killer Barbies - Candy
      This band is severely underrated! And Silvia Superstar is pretty damn cool, like Spain's NANA.


    Vanilla Ninja - Destroyed by You
      Starts out soft and ends powerfully! It's very reminiscent of those epic, hard rock songs of the 80s, but it's actually a very recent song! The sound is just CRAZY, monumental good. Can you imagine hearing this LIVE in an amphitheatre?!

    PVs for grabs!
  • All NANA

    Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky
    It's not terribly exciting, but I like watching it, particularly for the expression on Nana Hachi's face (it flows better with the movie of course...).

    Mika Nakashima -Glamorous Sky (Alternate Version)
    I actually prefer this version to the other version. Even if it's live, I like the way they washed out the colors, emphasizing only the red.

    Mika Nakashima - Hitoiro
    I wish Hitoiro had more of a harder rock sound propelling it, but I DO like the video. I like NANA's outfit in this.

    Mika Nakashima - Hitoiro (Alternate / Live)
    I want to be at a Black Stones concert. =(

    Yuna Ito - Endless Story
    I get goosebumps everytime I watch this. It's one of my favorite "PVs" EVER.

    Yuna Ito - TRUTH
    With all these expensive, epic PVs, I'm beginning to think Yuna Ito is turning Ayumi Hamasaki on us with the PVs she's released. XD

    Anna Tsuchiya - Rose
    Anna Tsuchiya is SO Nana. Not my favorite video of her's though, but still worth a viewing!

    Anna Tsuchiya - Lucy
    This is really a union of both -- good video + good song! Anna Tsuchiya really rocks hard in this one.

    Anna Tsuchiya - Kuroi Namida
    LOVE this song, and the video's nice too, very clean, and lush, and Anna Tsuchiya looks fantastic.

    OLIVIA - A Little Pain
    I already adore the song, so the video was a step up. OLIVIA wears really interesting outfits in this one, and I love all the visuals that go with it.

    OLIVIA - Wish
    I like the cuts where Olivia is actually performing because she looks soo pretty and her outfit is so top notch! Overall I really like the whole video.

    This month's rotation took a lot out of me cause it's bigger than the previous ones. Remember, as with all uploads, I don't require you to comment, but it's always nice to know if you liked what I put up! It helps me with future rotations! :D

    NEXT ROTATION - Guys that rock! ;D Expect lots of jrock!
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    #3 - We Bringing Sexy Back [Feb. 14th, 2007|10:53 pm]
    Sugar Virus
    [Current Mood |okayokay]
    [Current Music |Omarion - Ice Box]

    Well Valentine's Day is upon us, and to be completely blunt, I'm NOT a big fan of this Hallmark-churned holiday. Strange since no holiday honors the color pink more. I didn't want to focus this month's rotation around just love songs, since not everyone can relate to them. I certainly can't! But sexy is a universal theme. I went through my entire CD collection, my entire mp3 playlist (no joke!) to choose my top 20 picks for sexiest songs. These are the best of best. I also plucked a few love songs to share.

    © © © © © *.~*HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!*~.* © © © © ©

    Télépopmusik – Breathe
      Title’s appropriate as this is a very airy song with a slight dance floor vibe. I find it relaxing and hypnotic, and therefore sexy.

    DJ Encore feat Engelina – Out There
      You can’t tell me this song isn’t SUPER sexy. This is a dreamy, hip song, with a starry vibe, one of those slow dance floor songs where you want things to move faster at first but then realize it’s better slow.

    Enigma - Sadeness
      This song is liquidy sex! The title should be changed to Sexiness.

    Mythos – November
      I hate to bring up this imagery, but it totally makes me think of being whisked off to a palace in Saudi Arabia and just engaging in… yeah, so anyways! Dreamy music and very sexy!

    Conjure One – Sleep
      I think the lyrics say it all. “Sleep, with me, tonight…” It’s a luscious song though, breathy, and super astrosexy. Conjure One has a celestial yet earthy sound. It’s a side project of one of the members of Delerium, so if you like Delerium, you’ll like Conjure One.

    FC Kahuna - Hayling

    Massive Attack - Teardrop
      This tender track features trippy, R & B beats but with a very hindu, ancient sounding vibe. It’s quiet sexy.

    Sarah Brightman – Deliver Me
      This song is sexy in it’s own way, makes me think of water droplets falling into a pool. I like the lyrics. I think it’s something we can all relate to in a sense.

    Seal – Kiss From a Rose
      Really now, who doesn’t love this totally sexy song? I like the Shakespearean, and various instrumentals used in the track. It was released over 10 years ago, but it still has a strong uniqueness that sets it apart from other love themes.

    Angela Aki – Kiss From a Rose
      I’ve got it in Japanese too! This cover doesn’t feature all the original instrumentals, instead it just relies on the piano and Angela Aki’s gorgeous vocals. It also is a bit more up-tempo than the original. Isn't the piano accompaniment beautiful? If anyone knows where I can get sheet music, please let me know!!

    mink – One Suitcase
      This is a very sparkly, sensual song, and even the lyrics coincide, “will there be a morning after? Should I stay or should I go?” Mink stands for Made in Korea. She’s a Korean singer, but her music is Japanese.

    mink – One Suitcase (English ver)
      You can never have enough versions of this gorgeous song!

    Tommy february6 – Is This Feeling Love
      This is very Tommy style, 80s-inspired, synthesized pop but this song in particular has a mystical, dreamy quality to it that really gives off the feeling of “being young and in love.”

    Utada Hikaru – This is Love
      This IS love!!!

    ComradeF – Orbital
      This song makes me think of a love that’s just blossoming, and finally being overtaken by it. It starts off curiously mellow and gradually picks up until it’s just luminiscent. Check out more from ComradeF here.

    Nine Inch Nails – The Great Below
      Why is this song so sexy? Could it be Trent Reznor’s haunting vocals? Could it be the 2:06 (or for songs that count backwards – 3:10) mark? You decide. All I know is, it’s stirringly sexy.

    DC Talk – Consume Me
      For anyone who follows contemporary Christian music, you’ll know who these guys are. For those who don’t, they’re a band that was really huge back in the late 90s. They’ve since split up into solo projects. Consume Me is one of their more potent, dreamy, stirring tracks. Their voices meld very well together.

    Backstreet Boys – Incomplete
      I used to listen to BSB back in the day, the “Quit Playin Games With My Heart” and “Larger Than Life” days, but I was surprised when I heard this track from them. It’s so evocative of those days but totally surpasses them. It’s a really tender song, but powerful.

    Amy Grant – That’s What Love Is For
      The strength of this song is in the lyrics. Amy Grant was huge in the early 90s, and this is one of the songs she released on her most successful album, Heart in Motion, in 1991.

    And now… The MUST DOWNLOAD of the list!!!
    Delerium – Underwater
      Why oh WHY is this song sooooo sexy? Seriously, this song takes the cake for sexiness. It’s that type of song where you and your partner get closer on the dance floor, that makes you feel like you’re soaring and your heart is fluttering. It just RADIATES with sexual energy!

    Sexy PVs for grabs!
  • Viewer discretion advised!

    Koda Kumi – Ima Sugu Hoshii
    If I wanted to, I could’ve just uploaded ALL of Koda Kumi’s PVs and that would fulfill the sexy quota and then some. But this one really is the stand out sex appeal PV from her (Juicy and Shake It come close, but they’re more dance-themed). In this PV Koda sits on her dark throne wearing a crazy headdress and watches guys attempt to impress her. It’s really sultry but also funny! Watch for Koda’s expressions!

    Maki Goto – SOME BOYS TOUCH!
    This video affirms that Morning Musume is way behind her, somewhere in that cute, bubbly, colorful past. This PV is overtly sexual in nature, which features Maki Goto in a myriad of suggestive poses! She’s accompanied by two male dancers who must obviously be REALLY comfortable with their bodies!

    Miyavi – Senor Senora Senorita
    Ok, hands down, Miyavi is totally sexy. Am I right? I am. And given that Miyavi is totally sexy, it’s only appropriate that I upload his sexiest PV. It’s not sexy in the way that he’s shirtless and there’s tons of pouring water and what not, hell no. No, it’s all about the seductive expressions and the way he carries himself. Lest we not forget that CONFIDENCE is sexy!!

    Comments not required, but please leave me with some reccomendations of your own! What strikes you as a sexy song? Also, some of these selections are among my all-time favorite songs. So I'm especially interested in knowing what you thought of this month's rotation!! Please leave a comment if you enjoyed something!
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    #2 - Put On the World's Headphones [Jan. 17th, 2007|01:11 am]
    Sugar Virus
    [Current Mood |calmcalm]
    [Current Music |Nevertheless - The Real]

    Well 2007 is a new year after all. So it's time to experience new things! I couldn't think of a better fit for this month's rotation than to expose you all to the newest, most current music. But if it were all from the US or Japan, there'd be no point... So these songs are all NEW, but what's more is they stand out as the most popular in their respective countries right now, currently. These are the world's CURRENT best-selling singles. Enjoy!!

    Despina Vandi - Kalanta
      Currently #1 best selling single in Greece

    Laura Pausini - Io Canto
      Currently #1 best selling single in Italy
    Zero Assoluto - Sei Parte di me
      Currently #2 best selling single in Italy

    Silbermond - Das Beste
      Currently #3 best selling single in Germany (there's a song called "Shame" by Monrose that's beating this one - and it's a shame, literally, cause their voices sound horrible)

    Fatal Bazooka - Fous Ta Cagoule
      Currently #1 best selling single in France
    Holly Dolly - Dolly Song
      Currently #5 best selling single in France (very catchy - you might have heard this song before)

    Jan Smit - Cupido
      Currently #1 best selling single in the Netherlands
    Frans Bauer feat Ali B Lange - Die Leipe Bauer Flavour
      Currently #8 best selling single in the Netherlands

    Infernal - Self Control
      Currenty #13 best selling single in Denmark

    Take That - Patience
      Currently #2 best selling single in the UK
    Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
      Currently #6 best selling single in the UK (gorgeous song)

    Raghav - Lets Work It Out
      Currently #5 best selling single in India (note - India's charts are usually behind in music from elsewhere. Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is the #1 best single over there for instance, while here's its been out for well over a year)

    Eva Avila - Meant To Fly
      Currently #1 best selling single in Canada (Eva Avila is the winner of Canadian Idol)

    Beyonce - Irreplaceable
      Currently #1 best selling single in the USA (This single is also #1 / #2 / #3 etc on many other countries' charts)

    Papas da Lingua - Eu Sei
      Currently #1 best selling single in Brazil
    Tania Maria - Se Quiser
      Currently #2 best selling single in Brazil


    Mr.Children Shirushi single
      Currently #1 best selling single in Japan

    KAT-TUN Bokura no Machi de single
      Currently #2 best selling single in Japan

    Mika Nakashima NANA single (Hitoiro)
      Currently #4 best selling single in Japan

    Nevertheless - The Real
      This isn't a best selling single, but it is a new release from a new artist. Besides the obvious amazing, catchy music, this song has great, uplifting lyrics, which is refreshing, cause to be honest I'm SO TIRED of hearing about how you're too good for your ex-boyfriend and how your ex-girlfriend played you in lyrics. I really think everyone who downloads this will be pleased they did. It just has an all-encompassing sound that everyone will dig.

    New PVs for Grabs!

    There's another song / video I like very much with this same title! But it isn't new. So sticking with the new theme, this is a new release from L.M.C. As you can see it's just L.M.C. rocking out!! This song's fun and I like videos with good, solid rocking out, but this one has the perks of good, solid rocking out + fab editing.

    Utada Hikaru - Boku wa Kuma
    This is a song about a bear, literally. Boku wa Kuma translated is "I'm a bear." This is a such a cute video. Lets pretend the bear is the Snuggles (that laudy detergent?) bear and he's starring in Utada's video. I have to share this because the cuteness of it all demands me.

    YUI - Rolling Star
    So far I like all of YUI's videos. They're very escapist and each have their own flare (Life moves fast, Rolling Star moves both ways). In this video objects around YUI will move in slow motion, or YUI herself, and then suddenly move fast and pumping with the music. This PV has an all-encompassing awesomeness to it both in style and song, so, I think everyone will genuinely enjoy it.

    That's it for this rotation! Next one will be Valentine's Day themed (to an extent). Remember, it's not required that you leave a comment with what you take. I'm more interested in knowing if you liked the music! Leave me a comment if you liked something! With this rotation, it was important to remind listeners that not all music is American or Japanese. If you're willing to listen, good! If not, that's a very bad habit and I'm afraid you're depriving yourself of really good music. Also, if you've liked the last two rotations, please spread the word about Sugar Virus! Thank you!
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